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Expertise and communication excellence combined – ECON TEL offers outstanding sales support.


We are a dynamic company that has been continually growing since it was first set up. Since 1994, we have been combining our expertise in communication with a comprehensive understanding of sales processes on a daily basis to provide our customers with operational and strategic sales solutions, in order to achieve sustainable success for the company.

We know your industry on a national and international basis – and have done for more than 20 years. We conduct hundreds of conversations with company directors, project managers and other decision makers involved in the project every day. Due to our specialisation in the construction industry, the printing and packaging industry and the technical industry, we have an in-depth knowledge of the sales channels in these sectors and are capable of approaching target groups in the appropriate manner.

We are setting new quality standards in our own industry and are developing our workforce by employing our own full-time trainers.  They help our employees to fully reach their potential and to continuously improve their individual skills.

We are always looking to improve

Openness and transparency play an important role for us. In our work, we stick to these principles on a daily basis and work on improving every day. The ideas of our employees are a key inspiration for us. We set ourselves high standards in order to be able to provide our customers the best quality services. But we never lose sight of what is feasible.

Choosing our company means choosing a unique bundling of expertise. We have extensive sales knowledge of your industry and know how our customers think, how they act and how they turn their sales into sustainable success.

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