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We are your partner for professional business communication. We bring your company to the forefront with a combine action of competence and empathy. We are ECON TEL.

We are your partner for customer focused communications

Market oriented management requires an integrated focus of a company’s direction matched to the demands and wishes of its customers. A valuable and proven instrument for customer focus is the so called proactive internal sales team. It is able to care for far more customers, via telephone or digital means, than could be personally visited, yet requires particularly competent and strong communicators. These employees are often particularly involved with a company’s day to day business or there is a lack of motivation and expertise.

We take over new customer acquisition and existing customer care for you

This is where we come in: The sales department can receive decisive support through the telephone based acquisition of selected contacts with a high level of potential. ECON TEL assumes responsibility for the time consuming task of establishing contacts and identification of sales relevant potential, answers initial questions concerning products and services and, if the appropriate potential is found, arranges qualified appointments for the external sales team. We are also happy to assist your company.

For both new customer acquisition and existing customer care. The quality of business relations has become more important than ever. Your customers expect individual support which the external sales team alone, can barely provide. In addition your external sales team’s time is a valuable commodity, which should be utilized in targeted manner. ECON TEL contributes to an increase in customer loyalty, more recommendations and increased turnover, due to a continuous and systematic method of contact and discussions with decision makers.

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We promote your sales efficiency and increase your presence in the market

In addition, we also support you with other tasks in the area of customer-centered corporate communication. This applies to topics such as offer tracking and project work as well as to aftersales (maintenance contracts, etc.), trade fair preparation and follow-up, claims management and much more.

Our trainers & coaches guarantee constant quality control. We increase your level of awareness, your market presence and, above all, your sales efficiency so that you can use your resources optimally. Also internationally. For more than 25 years.

Your sales are one step ahead – we promise to make this happen on a daily basis.

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Dieter Fialla

Owner and executive Director at ECON TEL

"Nowadays, a good idea alone is no longer enough. For sustainable business success you need practice and concrete experience in the market."


For us, entrepreneurial success is not only measured by economic indicators, but also by how sustainably and responsibly we act. Because we see ourselves as part and partner of the society in which we live. We are a company that thinks outside the box and takes responsibility for society. Social engagement for various donation projects, the commitment in the area of environmental protection, but also measures to promote health of our team are very important to us.


For our society

There is a long tradition of social responsibility at ECON TEL. We are a part of the community and are guided by a system of values geared towards responsibility and appreciation. Our commitment is diverse, ranging from major national and international organisations to smaller regional initiatives that we support as a company. Our employees are actively involved in making donations from an in-house budget – this active participation in the structuring of our corporate responsibility is of great importance towards our teams identifying themselves with ECON TEL.

Below is an excerpt of our donation projects

Königskinder (Children of the King) –  An Outpatient Hospice for children and adolescents

The outpatient children’s hospice “Königskinder” supports families in Münster and the surrounding area who have a child, teenager or young adult who has a life-shortening condition or who is severely ill. The families are supported by trained family support specialists during the process of illnesses – from the first diagnosis to beyond passing away.

NIMA's e.V.

NIMA’s e.V. from Münster is dedicated to the promotion of the education of children and adolescents. Whether it’s economic hardships, a migrant background, or a refugee family, as many people as possible should get the help they need on the path to becoming independent and free. This is achieved by means of primary school starter packages, which consist of knapsacks, pens, notepads, sportswear and sports shoes. Many children often do not have the basic things, which are needed to get through the school day. To date, more than 600 children have been supported by NIMA’s in this way. ECON TEL’s trainees organised an internal donation project and called upon all employees to make donations in kind. Schooling and sport articles were donated which would help the adolescents in managing everyday life.

skate-aid e.V.

The skate-aid e.V. association, founded by skateboard pioneer Titus Dittmann, is committed to supporting children and young people in crisis regions. Skateboarding is global and universal, it knows no boundaries or war, skin colour or hatred, poor or rich, and it has a sense of meaning and identity. skate-aid not only wants to allow children and young people to have fun on four wheels, but to also support them in their development and provide them with guidance. By offering various sports and leisure activities with a focus on skateboarding,  ‘skate-aid e.V.’ is offering youngsters the opportunity to improve their self-confidence, community awareness,  determination and individual responsibility.

Other donation projects

  • German Committee for UNICEF e.V.
  • Herzenswünsche e.V.
  • Further Education Group -  Visions for Europe
  • AWO Local Association Wolbeck
  • Kindergarten Projects
  • German Maritime Search and Rescue Service
  • General Federation for helping addicts
  • Freind to Animals Münster
  • Sendener Food Bank
  • Working Group for Spina Bifida und  Hydrocephalus
  • Action for Atonement & Peace
  • SANETHIK e.V. (Children’s aid project) Street dogs helping children
  • Roter Keil (Drop-In Centre for under-age prostitutes)
  • Lunch Club (Child and youth services)
  • Ethnologie in Schools and Further Education

For our employees

Claudia Ruwe

Managing Director and Head of Personnel

„Whilst considering what is do-able we support all of our employees through a solid onboarding process, regular opportunities for gaining further qualifications and a trusting working relationship.“

A cooperation with our employees based on a partnership and a long-term is our goal. For that we create a work atmosphere every single person can enjoy. Spaciously, bright rooms, ergonomic furnishings of each workspace, large eye-friendly screens and a thought-out colour-, aroma- and plants-concept create a pleasant work atmosphere.

Our employees can spend their breaks in our Mora Lounge. Apart from daily fresh fruits and drinks of course the exchange with each other is the centre of attention in the Mora Lounge.

We offer our team courses for the physical and psychological fitness, nutrition counselling as well as practice of stress management and voice care.

Besides, for the promotion of the team spirit and the working atmosphere team trainings and joint leisure time activities take place regularly.

With success:

The health check for ECON TEL conducted by the Techniker Krankenkasse showed that our employees trust each other and are satisfied with the esteem they experience.

In addition to this, a number of persons on sick leave well below the industry average confirms us in our corporate philosophy.”

For our environment

To protect the environment is nowadays not only the responsibility of every single person, but also of the companies.

At ECON TEL we place a lot of value in making our processes as environmentally friendly as possible.

Simultaneously we promote the environmental consciousness of our employees with practical tips and our yearly carried out “Greenday”, which focuses on sustainable actions for an entire day.

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