A Wolbeck microcosm in a globalized world

How the Westphalian Business ECON TEL keeps itself fit for the future

Future viability, sustainability and resilience are key words and at the same time values of a growing, economical importance. They all apply to ECON TEL. The sales specialist based in MünsterWolbeck was founded almost 25 years ago. Over a few decades Dieter Fialla`s idea was turned into a mainstream and renowned medium sized company that is developing through reliability, competence, cooperative partnership and constant innovation.

Berthold Beitz once expressed the sentence: “You cannot plant apple trees today and already harvest the apples the following year.” This realization is implemented at ECON TEL. A clear strategy of the management reflects the economical, technological and social aspects and focuses on the human being as the central element of valuable work. Here the desired corporate aim is a continuous organic growth with satisfied customers. The following measures contribute towards this:

The flexibility of work and working conditions is being combined with the optimized use of the infrastructure and equipment. The person who experiences the creation of the dimensions time and space at ECON TEL knows which possibilities have already been put into practice and which ones will follow. Generous work areas, offices flooded in natural daylight. Sufficient optional areas for future growth. Modern meeting rooms, technology and IT systems that are constantly being checked, optimized and extended. The flexible working hours are family friendly and integrable with your studies and allow a secure solution. A loyal affiliation and commitment gets rewarded and a performance-based payment exists, too. The supply of fresh fruit daily, the smoothie day once a month, a realized light and scent concept as well as a supply of tea and coffee in all offices carried out by a waitress are complemented by a company own gym. Body, mind and spirit can develop in harmony and enable a modern and sustainable work.

Internationalization in the form of linguistic diversity to enable the support and service for the customers within a globalized development. People of different backgrounds are being employed. Old and young, graduated, qualified and also people without qualifications with special talents, as well as various religions and varying countries of origin work together respectfully and professionally in teams, fulfil individual aims and achieve a joint success. A functioning microcosm from Wolbeck in a globalized world as a stable base for international work.

Continuous, integrated learning across all levels, thanks to an own qualified training and coaching department. The offers range from voice-, communication-, stress- and healthtopics to classical sales and marketing trainings. They are being offered and used happily internally and externally in various forms and formats, at different dates, as required by the user. Learning and developing are central elements of ECON TEL`s corporate culture and also the necessary guarantor for a successful customer project work. Expertise, variety of methods, process reliability as well as authentic people is what the customer cherishes. Learning curves are being passed quickly due to continuous adjustments.

Perceiving of responsibility for the society and future. ECON TEL interprets this through a significant number of apprentices in the professions of assistant for marketing communication, office management and dialogue marketing. By participating in the board of the examiners of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce responsibility is also taken.

Offering young people a place of apprenticeship, granting a positive start into the world of employment, offering to experience a personal access to effort, service provisions and success are components that mean taking responsibilities for the future to the service provider. Many apprentices take the offer of staying and therefore gain a secure place of work. Also, the support of various social projects, people and institutions over the years reflects the Westphalian interpretation of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Looking at the future development of ECON TEL it shows: The business will grow. Organically, like nature shows us. Adapting to changes to the framework, resilient processing of disturbances, integrating the good things. Learning of the people that work here and at the same time constantly supply the necessary knowledge that comes from the outside. Recognizing, welcoming and perceiving chances of the markets. Today the marketing service provider already offers more than ten languages and stands just before an increase in projects in different time zones. The company continuously works on digitization as well as on the preparation of the transformation into the next industrial era. ECON TEL is ready to manage future complexity. The business with its personnel and organizational structure is well prepared to continue writing the success story and everything new like the human being, competence, questions or technology are welcome at any time.



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