Better use of existing potential

ECON TEL develops a study on refugee crisis and housing industry

The integration of migrants has been part of the permanent task of politics since at least the refugee crisis of 2015. Thereby it is not just a matter of creating living space. Is the housing industry prepared for this challenge? This subject was tackled in the study “Effects of the refugee movement on the housing industry – chances and risks for the building industry” by the company ECON TEL based in Münster Wolbeck and was created on behalf of the company PRE FAKT. PRE FAKT is an information service provider for the building industry. Amongst services like object tracking, customer acquisition, trainings and coachings ECON TEL carries out surveys on current topics of the building economy by academically trained employees.

In this case everything revolves around the question of how the refugee crisis affects the housing economy. Housing associations from all over Germany were interviewed. Based on the results specific forms of action have been developed for the building industry. The refugee movement offers a large development potential for the building economy. As private property developers act cautiously with regard to migration, detailed information about planned projects is necessary to exploit the maximum potential. Contact to the community is a crucial factor to gain a quick overview.

Information about further utilization concepts can contribute towards developing new markets. The complete study including all survey results can be obtained from ECON TEL against a nominal charge.

Further surveys are in preparation.

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