The most important tool – ECON TEL GmbH starts the campaign week “the day of the voice”

The voice is a business card, relationship carer and door opener in one. Its importance for a successful communication cannot be valuated highly enough. To emphasize this central importance of the voice in everyday life, in 1999 ENT physicians and speech therapists initiated the world voice day that takes place on April, 16th. In honour of this occasion ECON TEL GmbH starts an action week to sensitize the employees even more for this subject.

Our voice trainers and coaches work closely together with the sales assistants of every project. The action week is therefore supposed to help towards the fine-tuning: How can I use my voice to communicate even more successfully? Daily speech and voice trainings on the topics of “speech rate”, “melody” and “indifference location” allow the colleagues detailed work within fields that sometimes come off badly on a working day. The focus is also on the subject “voice health”: To make all useful tips and hints work long term, every office at ECON TEL was equipped with a “first aid voice box”. Amongst exercise sheets and basic notes on voice hygiene every box contains little voice helpers like sage drops and various sorts of tea. Consequently ECON TEL´s employees can do something for themselves and their voices at any time – it is after all our most important tool.

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