Cool models

Employees say “Yes to ECON TEL“

More fun than at Heidi Klum’s Germany’s next top model. During the campaign “Yes to ECON TEL” in September this year the employees turned out to be creative models.

Employee loyalty is a key factor of success for a business enterprise. For the marketing service provider ECON TEL the satisfaction of their staff is of significant importance. The point of the campaign “Yes to ECON TEL” was for the employees to express  associated words about what the business means to each of them. For each letter of the company’s name the staff members were able to write an appropriate word into a speech bubble. Then two speech bubbles were presented in front of a photo screen: the company name “ECON TEL” with one letter emphasized by colour in one bubble, the corresponding term in the other bubble. The participants were able to let their creative nature take its course.

It was particularly noticeable how much the employees appreciated ECON TEL for its team spirit. By using terms like “Team”, “Teamwork” or “Teamplay” one can only guess how much the colleagues see themselves part of a team. The chances of development that the business offers are happily accepted, reflected by staff members mentioning words like “Development”, “Chances” or “Provider of opportunities”. Some colleagues expressed themselves freely and named terms like “Language” and “Laser” or finished the sentence “ECON TEL means…to me” with statements like “a big part of my life” or “doing some straight talking”.

Overall the employees saw their employer as “recommendable”, unique” or simply “cool”. A good incentive for the business to offer a positive atmosphere and a respectful coexistence amongst the staff members for the future – and consequently ensure long-lasting success.



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