Acquisition of New Business.

Markus Hintzen

Head of customer projects

"For us, customer-centered work means exploring how the market is developing, customer needs and decisive competitive advantages can be achieved every day."

  • Start your continuous new customer acquisition
  • Identify your target groups
  • Speak to the right decision makers
  • Build yourself a profitable customer base

Your next contract through targeted discourse

In addition to supporting your existing customers and managing contracts, do you have enough time to carry out a continuous new customer acquisition or win back old ones?


Profit from our decades long experience in telephonic acquisition.

Thanks to daily practice, our employees have the necessary expertise for a professional and targeted customer approach.


Who is your potential customer?

In accordance with your strengths and your market position, we will, jointly with you, determine the correct target groups. Which of your processes or services are the most impressive? What are your USPs? Why do your customers choose you and not your competitors?


We will develop an individual strategy.

At your side throughout, exploiting our extensive experience, we will carry out acquisition of your target groups by utilising high quality address data.

Implementation of target group discourse.

Every market development is subjected to intensive preparation in cooperation with our clients. Part of this process is the agreement upon sales targets as well as the comprehensive training of our employees. This training program not only deals with the basics of psychology in communication and techniques in leading conversations but also an overview of your company’s portfolio. In this way we ensure that the initial contact to your target is carried out in a sympathetic and knowledgable manner.


We ensure the long term success of your project by continuous measurement of success rates and training measures. If necessary we will adjust our processes concerning target groups or strategic approach. Due to our flexibility we are able to support classic network sales as well as Key Account Management in order to acquire and support new customers. The market information acquired additionally allows for a precise adjustment of product, services and pricing policy whilst easing the process of overcoming barriers in order to enter new markets.  In this way we provide you with a worthwhile contribution to your business development whilst reducing your dependency on individual customers or branches.

You want to improve your acquisition of new customers and increase turnover?

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