Customer Consultation

  • Clear up questions on business relationships
  • Carry out satisfaction analyses
  • Win back ex-customers
  • Improve customer loyalty

Support with customer relationship management

How can you and your team improve? Use customer feedback to adapt your portfolio and processes and retain your existing customers; long term.


We initiate conversations with your customers and collect valuable information for your customer relationship management.

Our employees contact your existing customers and determine the current status of your customer relationship. Is your customer currently satisfied? When will they place their next order? What is of particular value to them? Especially when the last contact was some time in the past it makes sense to reestablish contact.

Maybe the point of contact has changed or your customer has a new business model. Maybe your competitor was quicker at the decisive moment and you now have the chance of winning back a lost customer. In any case, surveys can improve customer care and identify potential future contracts.


You want to improve your customer relationships?

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