Management of Existing Clients

  • Make customer relations the focus of your sales strategy
  • Receive timely information concerning upcoming projects or changes in personnel
  • Increase your number of recommendations
  • Profit from additional contracts

Laura Seegers

Head of Project Administration

"Thorough project preparation is essential for later sales success"

We will maintain contact to your existing customers

We support you in the implementation of a customer oriented sales strategy.


The quality of business relationships, in a global economy is becoming an increasingly decisive competitiveness factor. A continuous and systematic approach to customer support, especially of „B“ and „C“ customers requires the use of substantial sales resources during the working day.

There is often no time available to establish regular contact to decision makers. Personal contact is an indispensable element of customer relationship management. It serves not only the management of relationships but also provides information. Only during a conversation can you really learn about the way your customer thinks, which topics occupy their interest and which tends determine the development of the market.

This information can assist you in the continuous development of your product, services and pricing policy. At the same time you will receive timely information concerning your customers’ upcoming projects and changes in personnel.

Finally, regular telephone contact with your customers generally increases your market presence and the quality of customer relations, so that your number of recommendations increases and you profit from more contracts.

Do you want to increase the quality of your customer relations?

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