Managing Receivables.

  • Contact defaulting companies
  • Don’t waste time with reminder letters
  • Profit from direct payment receipts
  • Maintain a cooperative supplier/customer relationship

Professional Receivables Management

We will contact defaulting business partners and agree binding payment agreements.

Our professional receivables management provides for a timely settlement of overdue invoices and a great improvement in liquidity.

Unpaid invoices can lead to substantial liquidity issues. Our specialists contact defaulting business customers in a timely manner with the right combination of sensitivity and obligation. In this way companies are spared the long process of repeated payment reminders

reminders and quickly profit from direct payment without the necessity of using debt collection agencies. Employees trained in the psychology of communication establish, in personal conversations, the reasons for delays in payment and  devise, together with the late payer,  binding terms and payment deadlines, without harming the customer supplier  relationship.


Are outstanding receivables a challenge for your accounts department?

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