Market analyses

Analyses of the market and competition

Would you like to take a more targeted and strategic approach in order to be more successful in the market and to be able to anticipate trends?

Market analyses

We analyse valuable market information and collect necessary data for you.

This provides you with exclusive information on planned investments and contact with important decision makers at an early stage.

We find answers to the key questions. What are your customer’s alternatives? And how good are the competing offers in comparison to your own offer?

An analysis of competition either can be limited to the comparison of strengths/weaknesses at the product level, or can also include the marketing and sales strategies of competitors. In particular, the competitors’ pricing policies are of interest for your own sales activities.

In order to be able to address the right decision makers with the right arguments, it is important to know their requirements related to the offer you have submitted. Who are the potential customers in the market? What do these customers want? Which demand trends stand out?

With our market analyses, we support your sales and create transparency for successful further developments with your existing customers or for gaining new customers.

We offer the following market analyses:

  • Market attractiveness analysis for determining sales potential
  • Analysis/comparison of competition
  • Demand analysis
  • Analysis of the decision makers
  • Customer evaluation

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