Tracking building Projects

Consistently pursuing building projects.

Do you always want to be the first to learn about exciting tenders? Does your company still have time for ongoing marketing activities after spending time on taking care of existing customers and orders?

Tracking building Projects

Then focus on the professional pursuit of building projects that you find exciting!

We know about the multi-stage distribution channels and interrelationships between planners, traders and the actual companies carrying out the project. You will receive exclusive information on planned building projects, right from the earliest planning stage.

Whether you wish to position your product for tendering or find the subcontractors that suit you based on submission results – with our skills, you will be closer, quicker and have easier access to the right building projects.

Potential sales channels.
Professional processing of building projects significantly increases your chances of gaining more business. However, this is a very diverse process. In order to find out if and when a building project requires your services, you need to have many conversations with the most varied contacts.

We will happily explain ways for you to successfully get involved in building projects during a personal meeting.

The process of successfully tracking a building project.
From the initial draft to awarding the contract: We identify in good time the potential for the use of your product or service and put you in contact with the right decision makers.

By making early contact, you can convince your prospective customers of your product at the pre-tender stage – and thus make an impact on the tendering. If the tender has already been submitted, we will determine the concrete decision-making criteria and decision-making routes for you, whilst determining who your competitors are. After the date of submission, you will receive the contact of the subcontractors that have been commissioned.